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Testimonials for Fareedah Shaheed  (CyberFareedah)

Yahya Smith.PNG

Yahya Smith, mom of 4

"Fareedah is the GOAT [Greatest of all Time] in cybersecurity because she's on the cutting edge of what's happening NOW. 
She makes the "tech stuff" easy and gives you simple steps and processes to SECURE YOUR FAMILY."


Eve, mom of 6 year-old

“Fareedah knows what she’s talking about and is phenomenal at what she does!"

Kiana Shaw.PNG

Kiana Shaw, mom of 3

"She is THEE go-to person for protecting our kids online.  

From Roblox to security features on your phones, she helped us get our lives in these internet streets!! Thank you so much Fareedah!”

Testimonials from the NASA parent community:


“Thanks, Fareedah! Great presentation!!”

“I loved the interactive discussion, the energy & wealth of knowledge of the presenter, and the live feedback from the questions from the audience.”

“Thank you for sharing this valuable information!”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. So helpful!”

“The speaker [Fareedah]

really kept everyone engaged by listening to what was being put in the chat and then addressing these concerns or tips.”

“So much great information. Thank you.”

“I learned about how to talk to my children about internet security and why it is important. Great tips!”

“This was great! I learned a lot of ways to be more active in my child’s online safety.”

“Love the suggestions for tools to use.”

Your expertise shared was invaluable. Our network left feeling more empowered and equipped with tools to not only protect their children but also themselves. Thanks again for your support to NASA GSFC Childcare Network!

josette mills.jpg

Josette Mills

"I love that the information was digestible and in laymen terms for me to absorb the material. Thank you Fareedah!"

PIC_Shellie McKinney_MOMNetwork TESTIMON

Shellie McKinney, Founder of MOMNetwork

"We all left feeling empowered and inspired.

She knows how to take a topic that many avoid-cybersecurity and make it real and relatable for our moms and their daughters.

Everyone walked away with a toolbox of information."

medina walker.PNG

Medina Walker, mother of 2

"Fareedah's personality will make learning about cybersecurity so much fun!  Thank you Fareedah!!"

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